Implementation will be broken into a step by step scenario with different goals in mind for each phase. The ultimate goal of this project is to create an eight player versus game similar to Left4Dead©, but in the style of Gauntlet© meets He-man©.

The project will be split into an art team and a Developer team. This is so the artists can spend time getting all the game models created and animated while everyone else focuses on getting the game inputs and functions programmed. The mapping team will work as a bridge between the Artist team and developer team. They will be focused on plotting out scenarios, getting decorations and programming where needed. Any hold up will be found most often here, waiting for the resources needed from the other two groups.

Establishing a consensus

Art Team Developer and Mapping Team
Character and model development Level Creation

VVV Single player level
VVV Co Op level
VVV Versus level
Continued through project User Testing


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