Establishing a consensus

Of course the first thing to do is hash out details of the game. Discussing game-play, characters, setting, etc. Hence the reason for this site. Ideally this could be one single meeting after having a meeting deciding what game we choose to work on.

Once we’ve hashed out what project we’re working on and how we’re gonna do it, we can begin deciding on which game engine to build on. What tools are easiest to acquire, who needs to get what software, etc.

We will need to develop some character art, develop our character charts, and work on establishing a solid style for the game.

Ideally, this first phase should only take 3 weeks. Mainly getting character and game ideas solidified into a cohesive objective.

We can then set a goal for the next phase to be completed, taking what we’ve got concept wise and handing it off to our modelers.

Establishing a consensus

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