Combat Style

TL Button TR Button
BL Button BR Button


NOTE: I am considering a simplified configuration

Combat will feel most natural with a controller using a dual shoulder button setup (i.e. Play Station™, and Xbox™ controllers).

Tapping a button will attack from one of the directions.

For example, tapping the Top Right button will swing a melee weapon from the top right corner down to the center; tapping the Bottom Left button will slash from the left.

Holding a button will do a defensive parry or guard in that corner.

For example, holding the Top Left button will defend the top left corner; holding the bottom right will defend attacks from the bottom right.

Combining these buttons will allow for alternate attacks.

Tapping both the TL and TR buttons will use a powerful downward swing2, while holding them together will allow the player to crouch and defend from most blows3. Upgrades to this will allow for some form of regeneration.

Tapping both the BL and BR buttons will thrust forward, while holding them will defend and parry upon attack, opening the enemy up for a counter-attack. Counter-attacks can be earned with upgrades.

A character who is using a shield will be able to use special combos as well. Holding the TL and BL buttons will block1 with the shield. Tapping the buttons will do a shield bash, which can be upgraded.

Ranged Attacks and Magic

Ranged weaponry changes the function of combat buttons.

Tapping the BR button fires a single shot.

Holding the BL button enters the player into first person mode, so they can more accurately aim their shots (making critical hits more possible).

Reloading is done by holding the TR button.

The TL button changes weapon modes (i.e. alternate fire modes/ammo types).


1 Blocking is a good way to keep every single monster from landing a blow. Blocking with a weapon will only block a single melee attack. A shield is the best form of protection, as this offers defense from multiple blows. Ranged attacks must be evaded or blocked with a shield.

2 Defense’s can be broken. A shield does not make you invincible. Multiple blows will weaken your defensive stance until it is broken.

3 A crouched defensive stance can defend against the powerful blows used by stronger melee monsters. However, it does not protect from ranged attacks. Regeneration will continue after being attacked as per the implemented upgrade.

Combat Style

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